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Item #1 Completion Time: ___ hours Price
Exterior shutters - 10 qty (Installation each set of 2 exterior shutters)
$276.5 USD

Job Description:

  • Install new shutter/s (Extra fee may apply for predrilling pilot holes)
  • Test to ensure proper operation
  • Clean up Job site and walk-through inspection
  • One-year labor warranty

Customer to supply:

Shutter/s including mounting hardware

Selected Options:

Yes - Remove existing shutter/s (Included) $0 USD
Remove 10 set shutters (Note: Extra fee applies for second floor high height) $138.25 USD
Brick and or other hard penetrating wall surface (Included) $0 USD
Install 10 set shutter/s on brick or other hard penetrating wall surfaces extra labor cost $207.38 USD
Yes- Yes there are second story high shutters installation (Included) $0 USD
Extra cost for 6 set shutters to be installed on second story high height (Note: Extra fee applies for difficult to get around bushes or other obstruction to set ladder) $165.9 USD
No - No third story shutters installation needed (Included) $0 USD
Completion Time: 9:30 Hours
Total: $788.03
Grand Total : $788.03
Was : ...
Save : ...
Plus Materials*
* Customer To Supply / Plus Materials:
Customer saves money by supplying as many materials, parts and fixtures as possible for the project per the "Customer to supply" list above. Some additional technical materials may also be needed for your project that we might need to supply. If needed, these materials are charged as follows: store bought materials are charged based on store receipt plus 20% mark up and, depending on distance, a delivery charge. Truck stock items are charged a 20% mark up with no delivery charge.

No Hauling Away Debris:
We will dispose of large debris, parts and fixtures in heavy duty bags and place on outside curb for customer's local disposal pickup. All small debris, dust and papers will be thoroughly cleaned by us and disposed in customer's disposal containers. Note: Hauling away debris available for an extra fee.

Insurance Information:
All statements concerning Insurance, Licenses and Bonds are informational only and are self reported. Since insurance, licenses and bonds can expire and can be cancelled, homeowners should always check such information for themselves.